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Do you know any nonprofit organizations that could benefit from pro bono website design or other social service related needs ? Egalitario is embarking on a 2024 push to help nonprofits, underserved communities, groups or individuals who may need help establishing themselves with an online marketing presence. Although we do offer other services, those programs will require more discussion up front.  


If you need some help, please use our Contact Form or use our Pro Bono Website Form to get started. 

Teacher Recording Video


When it comes to human-centered design, it's essential for us to consider the ethical and social impact of our content. This means that we're careful to assess our information and ensure that it aligns with what is expected from any producers of humane technology. Content strategy should always consider the potential impact on environmental initiatives, social causes, legislative efforts, and ultimately, how it supports the bigger-picture goals of transformative justice.

Save the Planet


Our mission is founded on a self-service model that includes support from our team in helping you achieve your goals. This combined format enables you to seamlessly gain the knowledge you need and benefit from the assistance of our program ambassadors. 

So, whether you want to learn how to protect your children against smartphone addiction, learn more about enriching your personal sense of happiness, or assist in homeless initiatives in your community, our teams are dedicated to helping you discover the best path forward.

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