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Social Service Innovation

Locally, nationally and globally, we have successful social service programs and sustainable environmental models that demonstrably work well and could work well in other locations, e.g. Sweden’s recycling solutions or South Korea’s successful pandemic management models. 


Yet there does not appear to be many viable ways for concerned citizens, independent organizations, or legislators to review, compare, and replicate evidence-based successful solutions and implement them in their own communities, organizations or government agencies. However, with the right team of people who are committed and determined to make a difference, we believe that we can make an impact in the Digital Revolution for Social Good.

We also believe that it's time to design and develop humane technology that will serve egalitarian goals and enable us to collaborate on projects where we investigate, ideate, and propagate new online environments for securely sharing successful, evidence-based global solutions that will improve the lives of citizens the world over.

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