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Egalitario Media Project

Making sustainable solutions education a priority in your schools and colleges

As climate change devastation continues to escalate, it’s no longer possible to escape its catastrophic effects. Whether you’re on vacation in Rome or living in Phoenix, Arizona, where sustained temperatures of 110 F have lasted for more than a month, it’s clear to most people that the threats long warned of, are here and getting worse. The Egalitario Media Project is an initiative that aspires to bring a revolution in climate change education and activist collaboration. Our goals are aligned with global citizens, politicians, and scientists from around the world who are committed to, and diligently working on, sustainable solutions for our planet. We see climate change education as a global imperative—as opposed to an optional part of the educational landscape. It’s time for all schools, colleges, and universities to join other institutions who have already transitioned into states or nations who have made it climate change education and solutions a mandatory part of their curriculums.

First step: Setting up a free consultation to kick things off. Use our contact form or call us to schedule an appointment.

If you're ready to take the next steps, we're ready to help you bring it all to fruition.

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