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"Free Water Testing for All"

Free Water Testing for All is a program that connects people in need with resources that work

Problem: Most people have neither the knowledge, time nor the money to be able to understand the value and necessity for conducting water quality testing. In a worst case scenario, this can lead to the kind of disaster that happened in Flint, Michigan. With free water testing, we can provide a safety net for all citizens.

Goals: 1) Promote more awareness around the way the Indigenous people of Minnesota respected and used water, 2) Foster the value of water testing awareness, 3) Design and Develop Water Testing and Educational Apps, 4) Design and produce printed water testing guides, and 5) Produce water testing kits that would enable the public to collect, send and receive water testing information - free of charge.

Benefit: Local communities can monitor their water quality - no matter where you live nor what your economic status is; Minnesotans at large can feel safer about protecting themselves against polluted water sources; Activist organizations encourage more people to become aware when the are empowered to provide free water testing kits to their volunteers, allowing them to track ecological violations; and last of all, this model can be adopted and adapted by other states, giving them the same benefits and giving Minnesota credit for progressive leadership and solutions to help its citizens and protect the environment..

If you're ready to take the next steps, we're ready to help you bring it all to fruition.

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